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#9    The long-haul response to Covid and the Climate Emergency: a transport logic map

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A Wales Transport Policy fit for the Climate Emergency

This additional briefing for Friends of the Earth Cymru argues that Welsh policymakers need to think afresh about transport policies for the climate emergency.

It seeks to address the particular opportunities and challenges for Wales, in anticipation of the planned introduction of a new Wales Transport Strategy during 2020.

Technological changes are necessary but not enough to achieve the large, rapid reduction in carbon emissions we need. 





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The carbon impact of the national roads programme 

New research by Transport for Quality  of Life shows that the Government’s flagship road investment strategy of £27 billion over 5 years threatens the UK’s commitments on climate change. The report shows the roads programme will add 20 million tonnes of carbon dioxide to UK emissions from the Strategic Road Network between now and 2032 whereas those emissions need to be cut by 167 million tonnes to meet climate targets.

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 Transport isn’t working. Lynn Sloman's book Car Sick shows why, and sets out clearly what the answers are. A must-read for everyone interested in transport.

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