Radical Transport Policy Two-Pagers

These Radical Transport Policy Two-Pagers aim to open up discussion of transport policy beyond the current narrow terms of debate.

Big changes are needed in the way we organise and fund transport. We hope our Two-Pagers will stimulate discussion about important policy options which are not on the table at present.

Radical Transport Policy Two-Pagers are a series of short papers written collaboratively by Transport for Quality of Life Associates and Directors, and others with whom we work.

Follow us on Twitter  if you would like to hear when new Radical Transport Policy Two-Pagers are published. Please share the ideas in these Two-Pagers with friends and colleagues. Transport policy affects all our lives, and it is too important to be left to ‘transport professionals’ to decide.


Transport for Climate Emergency logic map image


#9    The long-haul response to Covid and the Climate Emergency: a transport logic map

Image credit Transport for Quality of Life

Image of frequent flier


#6    Public transport everywhere with a national timetable

Photo credit Transport for Quality of Life

Image of frequent flier


#5    Curbing aviation with a  Frequent Flier Levy and aviation fuel duty

Photo credit Kevin Bhagat on Unsplash

Young person using mobile phone rather than travelling


#4    Why are younger people travelling less by car? What follows?

Photo credit Joakim Honkasalo on Unsplash

Aeroplane from ground as seen around Heathrow


#2    Why politicians should reject Heathrow third runway

Republished with permission from Local Transport Today

Ad for free buses



#1    We need fare-free buses

Photo credit Chris Parker Photography